Many Thanks.......
To all the people and businesses who support us.  Your contributions and help make it possible for us to make our shows the best they can be.  Here are just a few:
         ....To the janitorial staff of Chariho Middle School for their infinite patience.
        ....To Second Cents consignments in Hope Valley, for cheerfully putting up with the endless scavenger hunt for props and costumes.
         ....To all the local businesses who have sponsored us by purchasing ads in our programs
        ....To the Westerly Hospital for their generous help with some much-needed publicity for "Guys & Dolls"
  ....To Carriage Barn for allowing us the use of their storage facility for our costumes and props.
  ....To everyone who baked for us and helped us raise funds to keep the drama program going.

  ....A special thanks to Maureen Noel, the original director of the Chariho Players, for her many years of unselfish dedication to this program.  We would not be where we are now without Maureen and her creative "visions" (hallucinations).  We love you Moe!